Appreciating the Arts in San Francisco

San Francisco art gallery
San Francisco art gallery

You can’t come to a city like San Francisco and not experience the rich artistry that the city has to offer. A city truly offering a cultural experience, San Francisco includes artistic experiences and pieces around virtually every corner. From ancient treasures to modern artistic experiences it’s impossible to come to this city and not be immersed somehow into the artistic expressions.

Start your tour through the city’s expressionistic side in the Red Poppy Art House. Far from traditional art, this is an opportunity to see some of the cutting edge experiences that embraces creativity and risk taking in art. The venue features the blending of art, function and creativity which means almost anything goes.

The storefront of the Red Poppy is in the Mission District and you can easily catch one of the 150 events that the house hosts throughout the year including performances, exhibitions, workshops and artist presentations.

Step outside of the Red Poppy and you’ll be completely surrounded by art and cultural experiences in this thriving neighborhood. Look for galleries, boutiques, restaurants and even street vendors during the day and plenty of clubs and restaurants and bars ready for action in the evening.

If you’re ready for something a bit more classical after reaching into the greyer areas of art, the Legion of Honor is your next stop. This museum can easily fill a day as you explore treasures of Europe dating back over 6,000 years of art and history.

The Legion of Honor is a replica of the French Palace, brought down to scale for the city, and the building not only allows you to see impressive art and artifacts, but it also offers some very impressive views of the city and the bay as well. In fact, you may have a hard time going inside the museum as the outside has so much to offer as well with excellent landscaping and water features.

If there is time left in your day, stop by the Exploratorium. Leave classical arts behind and instead focus for the afternoon on science, art and human perception. The exhibits in the Exploratorium encourage full interaction with the intent of learning through experience and science. The whole family will be thrilled with time in the Exploratorium as the center caters to every interest and age group. Look for special exhibits on everything from skateboarding to cocktails.

Finish your evening away from the museum by sitting back to immerse yourself in the musical experiences of the San Francisco Symphony. Nothing truly nothing in the city can compare to the music created by one of the most prestigious symphonies in the world.