Culinary Experiences in San Francisco

San Francisco dining

Foodies rejoice in San Francisco. This city by the bay is full of excellent eateries and fine dining experiences – some of which are rather unexpected.

If you thrive on the unexpected, start your food journey with Supperclub. This is definitely not your traditional fine dining. You’ll need an open mind and empty stomach to enjoy the full effect of this restaurant. Music, art, lighting and effects are all part of the menu here, where the walls are stark white and provide the perfect backdrop for the multi-course feast for the senses.

If you prefer an exquisitely traditional fare, swing north of the city to the Napa Valley. Here you’ll find amazing cuisine in The French Laundry. This restaurant is connected to the Jacobsen Farm in the region, and the food on your plate will have a direct connection to the land in the area. Wines are paired excellently and jackets required for this fine dining experience.

Of course, not everyone wants fine dining in a French farmhouse. If you don’t never fear – there is plenty more to offer.

Like the urban scene? Try the Fifth Floor in the Hotel Palomar. This is the home of Executive Chef David Barzigan and features a hip décor and global flavors paired with traditional American cuisine. Excellent food. Excellent staff. Excellent experience.

Finally, if you want a staple in the tough world of fine dining, look no farther than Boulevard. Where many restaurants come and go in the world of fine dining, Chef Nancy Oakes has managed to keep her restaurant on the top for decades. Sit by the window and watch boats sail on the bay as you enjoy your game birds and other very traditional American items. This is an excellent and popular brunch location as well.