San Francisco’s Social Scene

San Francisco nightlife

An eclectic city like San Francisco should have a matching social scene in the evening, and this city certainly doesn’t disappoint. Whether you like sophisticated lounges, secret speakeasies or pulsing night clubs, you’ll find it all here.

San Francisco - Absinthe


You’ll find many different sorts of nigh spots in Hayes Valley. One of the most interesting is Absinthe – a mystical collection of bar and grill. The bar features the green drink for which it’s named and there are endless cocktails available as well, often seasonal. Enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner in the restaurant and know that the offerings are always fresh and changing to keep patrons on their toes.

San Francisco - 1015 Folsom

1015 Folsom

A core dance location, 1015 Folsom hosts DJs from around the globe and supports three separate dance floors and five rooms. Each room features different styles of music and you’ll find a bar and DJ in each. Modern décor and beautiful people makes this a staple in the diet of San Francisco nightlife.

San Francisco - Bourbon and Branch

Bourbon & Branch

Perhaps one of the most interesting and exclusive destinations in the city for an evening out, Bourbon & Branch has roots in the 1920’s and Prohibition. This speakeasy was created at the start of Prohibition and ran in the exact same location since that time without ever being located by the police. Today it feels the same was as it did then with a very small crowd and a password at the door – but only if you can find the buzzer.

San Francisco - Mezzanine


Small and almost nondescript, the real power of Mezzanine is in the music. Many of the top musical performers of the day have spent time in Mezzanine as it has become a tour staple in a variety of genres. Live music is the feature here almost every night of the week and art exhibits and DJs appear frequently as well. Never heard of the artist performing while you’re in town? Never fear – they will probably be huge in a few months. This is a launching pad for new talent discovery.

San Francisco - Mist


Every city needs a mega staple in clubs, and Mist is it for San Francisco. Once a warehouse for raves in the 1990s, today Mist is a remodeled masterpiece of two floors of party. The top floor is made of glass, making the dance floor something out of this world. Enjoy themed evenings as well as the traditional dance music and pretty people that make nightlife fun.

For other places to visit, try The Mandarin Lounge if looking to talk business, or the Empire Flush Room for something a little more romantic. You might also venture over to The Bubble Room or even Knuckles Historical Sports Bar and Grill.